LCD Digital Skin Moisture Tester

  • BIOSENSOR TECHNOLOGY: The flat-panel instrument is a high-precision skin digital moisture monitor developed by the latest bioelectrical impedance analysis technology (BIA).
  • EFFECTIVE DETECTION: High-sensitivity and high-precision probe to accurately monitor the moisture and oil content of the skin. The liquid crystal display is backlit and can be used at night. You will be able to accurately understand the skin's water and oil conditions, effectively detect skin water shortage, and analyze your skin condition in time.
  • SUITABLE FOR A VARIETY OF LOCATIONS: you can check your skin's water and oil conditions. There is no need to obtain a skin condition through a complex skin testing machine. This test instrument can be used in homes, beauty salons, beauty salons, and even in professional skin hospitals.
  • CARRY IT WITH YOU: It is set in the shape of a pen, light and stylish, easy to carry, you will be able to carry it with you, carry out water and oil testing anytime and anywhere, and care for the skin in time.
  • HOW TO OPERATE: Remove the protective cover and place the probe on the skin. You will see data on skin moisture and oil. Two data are displayed on the LCD, the first one is the humidity data and the second is the oil data. According to the data, you can take care of your skin.